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"My soul is at peace tonight, thank you Corinne Martin!”



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"You are an amazing woman with an amazing gift."




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  • “I was feeling down all the time, never happy and very hard on myself. I took a lot of things in my life to heart which caused pain. I went to Corinne interested in her readings. She creates a sensual, peaceful, relaxing environment. I was so relaxed and content with her. After we were done I felt refreshed and became a lot more aware of myself and what I needed to do to accomplish happiness. Its been 2wks and I still feel amazing!! She gave me great insight and I have had lots of confidence in myself since. When I feel myself getting tense I take deep breaths like she told me to do and it relaxes me right away! Corinne is amazing as a person and intuitive reader! I look forward to my next visit”. -KK 

  • “I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen when I asked Corinne for a reading. She told me what she was going to do, but that isn’t the same things as what is going to happen. What things will come up. She helped me relax and I asked silently for what I needed to hear. I got it! Everything she said made yet another needed tear slip down my face. I tend to keep everything inside, a fact she pointed out, and I needed to release it. With cards and wisdom she again pointed me back to the path I’d wandered away from. It was an wonderful reading and I’ve felt lighter than I have in months. Stress I hadn’t even realized was there is gone and I’m working again at what I need to be working.. or at least trying my hardest! As Corinne and her guides can tell you.. I can be stubborn! :)” ~AV 

  • “I don’t know where to start. Ok….first; if anyone wants to know “is she any good”, give them my number!!! A long time ago a woman read for me and she got one thing so perfectly right that it scared her. NEVER has anyone else been able to read me with such precision and accuracy. So many things we spoke about that you could never have known….never! Thank you so much.” ~MF

  • “Thank you Corinne for coming and helping release the sludge I was carrying! I can breath again w/o it hurting. The air is lighter and more free. Positive energy is around me once more. Corinne you rock! And the white sage smell in my house still lingers which was so nice to wake up to. Want that around all the time.” ~GK

  • “Looks like you’ve got a lot of “creepy” stories, but they are all so good and point on. In one reading (yes people; I’ve had multiple), I found it comforting when I asked if my Mom and Dad were around and you immediately blurted out about my siblings and asked if one of them took something very dear from me; something my Mother had given me. It was my Mom’s engagement ring. Best part was that you felt it was not being enjoyed and would come back to me. I’d love to get the originals of the family photos back too! As you and my Mom’s best friend told me, Mom and Dad know who they gave those things to and why. That is all that matters. ~MF

  • “I can’t even begin to describe my experience! There one was not one thing that was said that wasn’t the truth! You have helped me start to come to terms with so many things that are happening in my life. Knowing what steps I need to start taking to get to where I want to be in life is such an amazing relief. For the first time in weeks my mind feels clear instead of scattered and all over the place. You have helped me start to trust myself and my intuitions, and helped validate all of the “what ifs” I’ve been asking about my loved ones I’ve lost. I even got a surprise friend watching over me that was completely unexpected! :):) Thank you so much in helping me in my road to healing myself and my soul, I am eternally grateful…” ~KM

  • “Thank you so much again for last night!! You did an amazing job, everyone raved about you and has not stopped!! You truly have a gift, and to not hone your craft and pursue it even more would be silly. I am so glad you are really making a go of this because in my heart of hearts I know it’s what you are meant to do. Not only did you give insanely accurate readings and provide much needed clarity, but your graciousness and kindness was very appreciated too. You couldn’t stop asking “how can I help?” when already you just being there was more than enough. We all had a great time. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!! ♥” ~TR

  • “Corinne, Amazing is an understatement.  It is unreal how real and accurate your reading was.  I still am in shock and disbelief.  Everything happens for a reason and I was meant to meet with you.  Thank you again for helping me see things more clear and for assuring me that my loved ones are guiding and protecting me from the other side.  I know that you were in contact with my dear friend because there is NO way you would have known the things that you told me.  I will hold on to those words forever.   I definitely will schedule another reading in the near future!” ~KD

  • “I met you and had my first ever reading…last year. It was a powerful experience. Honestly, it left me shaken for a while until I was able to stop judging what I’d learned and let it flow through me and allow myself to use it to build a better me. The two most meaningful things you said to me were that you hated the way I talk to myself and you answered an unspoken question of mine by stating I have not damaged my soul. Negative self-talk is my biggest flaw and likely the thing that holds me back the most from accepting more joy and happiness in my life. I continue to work on it every day and your Facebook posts are a wonderful reminder to be gentler with myself. An even bigger wakeup call has been recognizing the same behavior in my 20 yr old son. Perhaps a ‘learned’ behavior from his mother’s example so he and I are now calling each other on this BS and we will unlearn this together.
    I had begun to worry that past experiences, depression and negativity toward myself had damaged me beyond repair. I really thought I had damaged my soul and I had even said this to someone close to me. To have you look me in the eyes and tell me that I have not damaged my soul brought relief and hope to me.  I am happy to see your posts about how well this year is going for you! The universe is recognizing the good you do and bringing you blessings that will allow you to help more people and learn and grow yourself. Wishing you Peace and Love!” ~TL

  • “Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. You have NO idea how much impact you & our sessions/readings have had on my life. Things have changed SO much for me since I started applying things we have discussed. Your constant (& Creepy) accuracy makes me shake my head, in a good way!!! Our sessions always have the reassurance I need to know I am heading in the right direction and making the right choices. 100x better than seeing a counselor/therapist that’s for sure!!! People can say what they want about believing in this kind of stuff, but there is NO way, with the accuracy I have experienced that it is just coincidence! && I stand by that 100%!!!!!!! Thank you!!! ♥” ~DJ

  • “As a current client, Corrine has helped me through some pretty dark times. she was always a beacon of light, source of positive reinforcement and just a good soul. I have always left my readings feeling better and knowing things and circumstances would change for the better. She gave me tools to change my thought process and be grateful for what I do have, and to be grateful for things to come.Focus on bringing good in your life instead of being stuck in the negative, it gets you nowhere. Thoughts become things, put out positivity and gratitude. Although I am not participating in the vote, I wanted to put this out there for potential new clients. You will LOVE her! I do!!” ~CS

  • “I’m…looking…to let Corinne and her followers know just how grateful I am for all that she has done for me. For starters she flipped my switch back to on, I tossed my abilities aside after a significant loss to my family. After our meeting, it was like I came back to “life”. It is so nice to connect with a kindred spirit. She gave me the push I needed to develop myself and I encourage everyone who doesn’t win this contest to find a way to get a session in with her. She may help you connect with loved ones but most importantly, she will help you connect with yourself!” ~SH

  • “I have been to many psychics throughout my life, but my experience with Intuitive Readings with Corinne was unlike any reading I have ever had. When we sat down, I felt a sense of calm and reassurance that was not present with other readings. There were two main areas I was focusing on at the time in my mind, one with a relationship and the other involved career. When the cards fell, she not only identified the context in which I was seeking guidance, but she was able to get to the root of it and give me insight and perspective that was invaluable and has changed my life’s course. On another note, there was also a part of me that had gotten “lost” somewhere along the way over the years. I had not yet identified it but knew something had been missing/not right for a long time. Although I did not ask about it in the reading, Corrine came out with it…and she was soooo right. I had lost my faith in the Universe. I used to always trust that things would just “work out” ….or that I would “find a way” and that belief served me very well throughout my life. I achieved many things that others would not have thought possible. But along the way I had gone through some challenges and hardship and as a result I was letting negative emotions get the best of me. (Corrine – on a side note, that Cherokee poem has stayed with me always). Nowadays, thanks to Corrine’s insight, my focus has shifted and my faith is being restored. As a result many good things are beginning to emerge and I can feel my spirit coming alive again. ♥♥♥” ~CM

  • “I love all things Corinne. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of talking with her yet, you’ll love her from minute one. My favorite experience comes from and after reading conversation. We got to talking about my many phobias and she went all psychiatrist on my. “Why do you think that’s so?” But after told me to try something before sleeping and let her know what happened. I had 4 of the weirdest dreams over the past two days and told her that her thoughts of why (past lives) seemed dead on. From that point 2 of my major phobias (fireworks, guns) were gone although I didn’t realize it until that 4th of July when I caught myself actually watching the fireworks instead of running and hiding in the house with my ears plugged. It has made my summers much more calm since I no longer need to hide from late June until late July.” ~TS

  • “One day, OUT-OF-THE-BLUE I got a call from a very concerned Corinne. She explained that she doesn’t often give unsolicited information and asked my permission to do so. How could I say anything but yes? 


  • It seems that a possible business venture (on my part) that I had asked Corinne about had “invaded” her thoughts and life to the point that it creeped her out! Now that’s saying something because Corinne doesn’t creep out too easily. She chose to call me and WARN ME to stay away…..stay very far away….which I did. Since then, Corinne has called out-of-the-blue once again as she got another insight; nothing as creepy but just called and confirmed that it is not a good place to go. 
    Very recently, I got some repeated numbers (someone trying to tell me something perhaps) and a couple emails from this 3rd party. PROMPTLY told this party to stop contacting us. Done. Over before it started. Out of here, etc., etc.” ~MF

  • “You gave me a generous gift. When I messaged you that night I NEVER thought in a million years would you respond like you did. That’s why I lost it so bad. You have a skill that not to many have mastered like you. I watched you on TV!! Bottom line, you opened a door for me in a way….I know you know I’m grateful, but I can’t put the peace you brought me into words.” ~JN

  • “I had never met Corrine before and had never participated in a reading. As soon as I walked into the room where Corinne was giving the readings my body and every emotion became hyper aware. Corrine stood and walked to me because she knew I was having this physical and emotional experience and I hadn’t even made it to my seat. She came to me and said some defining words about the relationship I was in. Words that had never been said before…only felt. The moment she said it , it was honestly like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. All my doubts and fears were finally justified. It wasn’t just me being “crazy” or me “making things up”. It existed and someone had just validated it for me. This someone had met me 5 seconds ago . Most of my session was spent crying and listening to her and some very important people that have passed tell me how worried they were about me. This experience with her was for me validating and encouraging. It started a process that I’m hoping will lead me to better and happier life. Thank you for that Corrine. Within seconds of meeting you I felt like I had known you my whole life. What you do is powerful and helpful and I thank you for doing it.” ~TS

  • “I LOVED Corinne’s reading!!! She got my gram on my dads side to come through even though I wasn’t even thinking of her at the time. I was trying to connect with my other gram but she wasn’t the one that came through. That meant a lot to me as I wasn’t even expecting that.I wasn’t that close to my dads side of the family as we always saw my moms family more!! This blew me away !! She also knew that I had a lot of hurt inside and that I keep everyone’s problems with me . She told me I had to clean out myself of the old stuff and put in new fresh stuff! My 15 year old daughter had a great reading too and Corinne gave her a lot of good advice on school and friends! I would love another reading . Just to see if I am in the right path.”  ~DH

  • “Three days before my wedding Corinne came over to talk about finalizing our ceremony(yes, I got married to my husband by one of my favorite people!) I’ve know her for years, so before Ryan got home her and I were just chit chatting in my living room. Now I know what Corinne can do, but her and I had never really got into that with me. (Side note- I had been seeing things out of the corner of my eye lately, and my mom who lives right below me can feel something in her apartment. But Corinne and I had never talked about it. ) So, her and I were just talking about random everyday things, and I noticed she was starring at something and it wasn’t me but it was next to me. It went something like this…Me- “um yeah seriously what the hell are you looking at? There’s something here isn’t there? (before she could say anything I kept talking) I know there’s something here, I can see things out of the corner of my eye.” She told me it was a man, who was tall, I think in his 20’s. Right away in my head in a flash I thought of my dads father. But I wasn’t set on it. I had an open mind. I’m not sure I even mentioned to her before I had seen things out of the corner of my eye. We then went on a hunt for pictures of both my grandfathers at a young age. We went down to my moms(who also has something in her house) and she has a young picture of her father. So I showed Corinne, but it wasn’t him. At that point I knew exactly what picture I wanted to find and I knew it was him. But, we stayed in my moms apartment for a few and Corinne took a step into my moms bedroom. Oh, whatever was in there was harmless but did not want Corinne sticking her nose into their business. We headed back up to my place, and I searched for the picture. Let me tell everyone this, I know I was getting married in a few days and emotional, because my dads parents were deceased and wouldn’t be there; but I never knew this would have happened. The very minute I pulled out his picture, Corinne and I both instantly had tears running down our faces and goose bumps. It was my “Nono” who was in my apartment!! She told me that he wanted me to know he is always here with me, and will be there on my special day(as I write this I’m tearing up remembering that day.) We went back to my living room and were talking about what just went on, and she did the damn staring thing again haha. So of course now I’m all freaked out I’m pretty sure my words went “What? What the hell do you see now??” and hers went “umm yeah no I’m not telling her that!” and of course I wanted to know. She informed me he was standing next to me in my living room pretending to rock me. That very second she confirmed to me that, that was my grandfather! No one would ever know(or probably remember) that that’s what him and I used to do. We would listen to classical music, I would sit in his lap, and we would just rock. So that was the very first time my grandfather came to her! Now I will never forget going out with Corinne one night, and again she did that damn staring off thing. Haha but it was while we were in the car! Long story short someone was either pointing at my right hand or something to do with my right hand and asking about my ring and why I don’t wear it. Other then my mom no one knows about this ring really. Its my grandmothers (from dads side too), grandmothers ring; it got passed down to the first granddaughter of each generation. Now a while back I took this ring to the jewelers to get cleaned and because it was old, the actual dirt was holding the diamonds in. I wore it once and a few diamonds fell out, got them replaced, wore it again and they fell out. So now this ring sat in my lockbox because I was too afraid to lose more diamonds. That night Corinne told me that the person didn’t care about the stones missing they want me to wear it. Honestly, I forgot all about this happening. Until, probably a few months later Corinne and I went out for cupcakes and again she did the staring thing. At this point, I’m past asking what she’s looking at. Now I just say “what?? Go ahead tell me! Hahaha” Her response was “Wheres the damn ring???” I think I tried to argue with her (or who she was talking to haha) about how the stones are missing and I don’t want to lose anymore. I’m pretty sure I got back something to the effect of who cares that they are missing, you need to wear this ring it was meant to be worn or at least kept close to you at all times in a small pouch maybe in my pocket. Well, the day I started a new position at my job I pulled out the ring and out it in a pouch to keep on me all the time! Lastly, I had already scheduled a Intuitive reading party for January and it was coming up. Well at Christmas my father told me to take a painting off the wall in his place and that was part of my gift. My grandfather (nono) painted in his spare time, when he passed away my father took a lot of his paintings before they just got thrown away. Well there is one painting I remember when it got put up, and from then on I knew I wanted it. In one of our many random phone calls I told Corinne I was really curious for her to come to my house for the party! I had just received the painting and it was already hanging in my house. I didn’t tell her anything about the actual painting(ie. colors or what it was of.) Right away she asked if there was blood on the back of the canvas by a piece of metal, and I had no clue. She was asking if it was a light house, or blues maybe ocean scene; which it wasn’t . She was thinking maybe he had cut himself on a piece of the frame while putting it in to it. I went home and made my husband take the painting down right away so I could look. What it was, was paint and it was by a nail keeping the canvas in. It was a darker red and looked like blood, but it goes with the colors of the painting. Now back to the light house, which she informed me was one of his favorite paintings. The painting I had wasn’t a favorite of his, but it’s my favorite. There’s a painting my father has above his bed that was my grandfathers very first painting, and is an ocean scene. The light house is a sketch I think my grandfather did of another artists work. To put it plainly and simply, Corinne is amazing at what she does. I’ve had other readings and they don’t even compare to hers. The things she has told me has nothing to do with her knowing me so well. Not even my husband knew about my grandfather rocking me, or the ring I was given. She will not tell you anything she can not back up with evidence. I am so thankful for her and bringing my grandfather to me, even if he does like to mess with her and pop up every now and then when I’m not even around.” ~NF

  • “This is going to be a little difficult to write because I don’t feel compelled to share a lot of details with the world. However, I will say this; CORINNE IS AWESOME! I began by asking a specific question about a location. Not only did she NAIL the location, but the time frame we are aiming for! She envisioned documents (with no idea of what they were or why she would see them). The documents are directly related to the situation. I wish I could share the entire reading, but I can’t. I can only tell you it was the best reading I have ever had in my life!” ~MF

  • “You really creeped me out, when I first moved into my new house. I could tell there was a man looming around upstairs. The creepy part, was you told me he was trying to look, but couldnt see. You had never been in my house. The room he hangs out in, has a window that was closed off and turned into a bookshelf. You not only knew he was a man, you also picked what room he was in, and that something was blocking him (window turned bookcase) from “seeing”. Every time I pass by that bookshelf I imagine him looking out, and how sad he must be that he cant see outside anymore. Poor guy,… Its no wonder he is cranky. Can we move him into another room? I think he needs vitamin D.” ~AW

  • There are so many things I could write about Corinne both professionally and personally. Her intuitive and healing abilities and personality combined with her compassionate but assertive nature both fuel and embrace her moral and intellectual integrity and dedication. She has been a guide, a healer and a practical aide to me for many years. When I first met her she helped me develop my intuition and encouraged me to embrace my own abilities and natural gifts. She taught me to harness divination tools and strengthen my intuition and psychic abilities. She also taught me how to psychically protect myself and pushed me to accept and face my inner wounds and demons, and was there to help cleanse my own energy. I Have been going to Corinne as a friend and spiritual guru for years with questions and for card spreads and guidance. She encouraged my developing relationship with nature and to believe and embrace myself. She really helps bring out the best in me, as difficult as that my be for me at times. Her readings are always spot on and now that I live 2,000 miles away she consistently amazes me with her accuracy when she gives me readings and energy consultations over the phone. She has a crisp and clear vision of what is often right under the surface and is incredibly talented and developed in her ability to read a situation for what it is, without bias or previous information of situation. She is a true light worker and has taught me how to work within my energy field for personal development. I could continue to ring her praises and offer more examples of her work and her gifts but I highly recommend going to see her for yourself. She is an incredibly down to earth woman who genuinely cares about humanity and the world around her. She is a perfect example of someone who follows their divine path and embraces and utilizes their purpose in this life. I highly recommend her services to anybody who is seeking spiritual enlightenment, energy healing, or anyone who is confused or curious about their current path seeking direction. She works with the universe and your own personal energy field to help uncover past circumstances and actions that influence your current situation while delivering messages and plans the universe has in store for you. She does this while outlining practical and startling realizations of the positive and negative influences and habits that will either hinder or empower you on your celestial path.” ~SM

  • “I was cleaning out my desk today and found a list of intentions that I wrote a few months ago while getting my tarot cards read. The intentions were things I wanted to change and things that I wanted more of in the future. Upon writing these, I believed it was impossible to change any of these things. It seemed too hard. When I came across the piece of paper tonight, the first two things on the list that I wanted to change, have been changed. What a nice feeling. ♥ “~DL