Ever Evolving/Adapting Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator & Spiritual Coach/Mentor


Group Mediumship/Group Sessions- $150 per hour

Home Blessings & Clearings (with Crystal Gridding)- $150

Home Clearing (no Crystal Gridding) - $100 (within an hour's drive or as an add-on to event booking)


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Corinne Martin

Corinne Martin is an ever evolving and adapting multidimensional Intuitive Psychic Medium. Corinne is a multifaceted Intuitive Reader, Master Manifestor, Inspirational Public Speaker, Reiki trained energy healer, Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister, Animal Communicator & she has stepped into teaching work to help empower others on their own life path. With over 4,400 personal clients from coast-to-coast and internationally, Corinne helps many people in a variety of ways. Corinne travels the northeast 6 states bringing her light and energy to help people in a variety of ways. Corinne connects with people through individual sessions, group sessions, parties, classes & speaking engagements. Corinne helps to clear away ‘sludge’ to help people uncover their passion and motivates them towards making their own dreams come true.


Corinne has appeared as a Medium & Paranormal Investigator on an episode of Bid & Destroy on National Geographic Channel, as well as appeared on Fox25 Boston, CBS News & NECN for her efforts to bring light to paranormal activity in Middleborough Town Hall. Corinne has also appeared on several radio shows, from coast-to-coast. Corinne won “The Psychic Challenge” in the Boston area, after appearing on Other Side of Life Radio show and was voted as the winner three years in a row for 2011, 2012 & 2013. Corinne was a Licensed Psychic Medium out of Salem, MA for 3 years and worked as a reader in 2 different shops in Salem. She was called into a police station to assist on a missing persons cold-case, which turned ‘hot’ after sitting idle for over 25 years. She currently works independently, as well as through teaching and holding sessions at Healing Spirits Integrative Wellness Center in Plaistow, NH and offers personal sessions out of Clear & Now Holistic Healing Center in Andover, MA.


Corinne operates with morals, values, ethics, integrity & humility, sharing the gifts and teaching people about many varying aspects of spirituality to help them grow their own life in whichever way they choose. Corinne believes we are all born with the ability to link-in and grow through these esoteric studies. She seeks to prove the continuity of life using the concept that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and that it only changes in, through & out of form. She works with a variety of divination tools, including tarot, crystals, runes, pendulums, and more. Corinne has found 235 4-leaf clovers. She picked up her first deck of tarot cards at 15 and began collecting books & seeking knowledge about everything metaphysical since then. She has been immersed in the spiritual world for over 20 years, and has been working professionally in this field for 7 years.


Corinne has had a challenging life laid before her, having to learn many life lessons at a young age. These challenges have allowed her to meet challenges as a survivor & a warrior with a grateful heart, and help others work through their own struggles. Corinne believes in the power of positivity, but that we need to delve into the challenges in order to learn the lessons, grow and find the wisdom in each experience to enhance empowerment and stand in the power of love. Corinne is a lightworker who is not afraid of the shadow work needed to release old patterns and cycles. Corinne believes that life teaches us lessons a classroom never can. Corinne seeks to help people in a variety of ways in the roles she holds in her life as wife, mother, friend & more. She loves spending time with her children and her giant goldendoodle, Lucky. Corinne believes nature holds the key to understanding many life lessons, and seeks to understand the microcosm through the macrocosm.


Available for:

10 minutes- $20

15 minutes- $30

30 minutes- $60

60 minutes- $100

90 minutes- $150



Intuitive, Psychic, or Mediumship Readings, Wedding Officiation,

Home Blessing, Clearing, and Cleansings

Paranormal Investigation



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